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Telvent Honored with First Annual Smart Grid Excellence Award

Telvent has received a 2010 Smart Grid Excellence Award for its Telvent Titanium smart grid solution. The award was presented by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and Intelligent Communications Partners (ICP).

Debuting this year, the Smart Grid Excellence Award recognizes outstanding innovation across all facets of smart grid for companies that enable smart grid deployments for utilities. Telvent won for its Titanium solution, a smart energy services platform that enables Telvent to deliver both rollout services to configure and deploy AMI devices and smart energy information services based on data retrieved from metering infrastructure, which helps utilities lower operations cost and improve end-customer services provision.

As today’s utilities strive to meet the needs of expanding world energy demand, Telvent’s Titanium solution transforms an advanced metering infrastructure investment into a repository of network intelligence that helps improve customer satisfaction. Titanium comprises a set of smart services to deploy AMI infrastructure and monitoring, and enables utilities to operate more efficiently in many ways, such as detecting power outages early, detecting remote connection and disconnection of customers, curbing energy theft, and the improved management of service delivery to end-users on home area network devices.

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