Taking IoT to New Levels at GE Digital Energy

Taking IoT to New Levels at GE Digital Energy

Some of us may find it hard to believe, but Internet-connected worker overalls are one of the examples given in a recent article in USA Today about how General Electric is “doubling down on software and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).”Sireau from GE

The USA Today article’s scenario? Here it is: “A man dressed as a utility worker approaches an electrical panel. As he moves to touch the metal box, a light blinks. Sensors sewn into his overalls have cut the flow of electricity to the box. He can now work without the risk of electrocution.”

As Stephane Sireau GE Digital, Market Development Director explains: "This is just one way technology can help workers do their jobs better and more safely," adding, "our mission is to integrate the worker into a digital industrial context.”

Source: USA Today, “Future of work: Internet-connected overalls”


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