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Starview, Logica Launch Real-Time Demand Automator for Utilities

Starview Technology and Logica have partnered on a Real-Time Demand Automator (RTDA) to help utilities take control of flexible domestic demand on the electricity infrastructure. Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), responsible for delivering electricity from the transmission network to end customers, now have a powerful event-driven tool to manage the expected increase in demand within the capacity of their existing network infrastructure.

Starview Technology and Logica have partnered to produce a solution that uses powerful Analytical Event Processing (AEP) to monitor and control power demand and distribution in real-time. One application of use is electric vehicles. With the European Union target for a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 this is likely to result in significant growth in domestic electricity consumption from electric vehicles. Charging an EV can double the electricity demand of an average family and in the addition of several EVs in a single street could overload the network and cause power outages to local residents. With RTDA, such problems can be avoided.

The solution is built on the Starview Smart Enterprise Platform that enables business users to detect patterns of behavior (faults, fraud, threats, out-of-control processes) in real-time, gain insight into these patterns and predict outcomes, and drive actions based on the insights. Its principal components - Event Servers for building, testing and deploying event-processing applications, Enterprise Hubs for controlling a distributed environment, and Simulation Servers - can be combined to produce unlimited tailored solutions.

RTDA has been installed in Logica's UK Innovation Centre and will soon be installed in Logica's Portuguese Innovation Centre specializing in utility solutions.

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