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SCADA/EMS Platform is Upward-Compatible

E-terra platform is the new, upward-compatible release of ALSTOM Grid’s product for SCADA and EMS. In this release, the SCADA, Network security analysis, Power System simulator and Generation management subsystems of e-terraplatform have been extended by a set of innovative modules to support:

  • Integration of renewable and distributed energy resources into the grid
  • Online network stability applications to prevent blackouts
  • Optimization of the generation fleet
  • Enterprise message bus integration & CIM-based modeling
  • Extended scalability and cyber security

The platform responds to the operator’s needs for greater supervisory control and wide-area network security monitoring; power balance monitoring and control; management of renewables and distributed energy resources; preparation and scheduling for look-ahead operations; disturbance analysis; prediction of events and simulation of alternative operating procedures; asset management and equipment maintenance prioritization and reporting for regulatory compliance.

These subsystems operate from a core of software and information technology providing a secure architecture framework for Enterprise message bus integration.

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