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RTE Chooses NetCracker to Streamline Network Operations

Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (RTE) has selected NetCracker's Telecoms Operations and Management Solution (TOMS) to boost the performance, efficiency and service quality of its infrastructure.

RTE is responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of France's high-voltage power transmission system. The company's mission-critical nature is underscored by the fact that it not only distributes electricity throughout France, but it is also an essential link in the European electricity market. With approximately 100,000 km (160,934 miles) in its network, RTE operates the largest electric transmission system in Europe and is also Europe's largest exporter of electricity.

Drawing on its infrastructure optimization solutions, NetCracker will provide RTE with an integrated, end-to-end view of its infrastructure and resources along with highly accurate data, which will enhance decision making, automate end-to-end operations and improve service quality. The solution will provide comprehensive functionality for planning, designing and developing infrastructure changes and upgrades. And finally, it will integrate seamlessly into the existing RTE environment, which will help to optimize both OpEx and CapEx.

For more information, visit www.netcracker.com.

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