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On-Ramp Wireless and ElectSolve Partner to Provide Interoperable MDM and AMI

On-Ramp Wireless and ElectSolve have announced a partnership to provide cooperative and municipal utilities with a pre-validated, pre-integrated smart metering and critical infrastructure monitoring solution. Using On-Ramp’s Ultra-Link Processing (ULP) wireless infrastructure system and ElectSolve’s uCentra meter and operational data management platform, utilities are able to quickly realize the operational benefits of the smart grid while minimizing costs and risks afforded by a simple and secure validated solution that can reach all multi-service utility assets from single wireless network.

The easy-to-implement solution enables utilities to securely and reliably provide service for electric smart meters and distribution automation applications in overhead, padmount and below-ground circuits, as well as manage, analyze and report the operational data from a centralized platform. The deployment agility afforded by the On-Ramp ULP wireless infrastructure eliminates the need and associated costs of building out a network one meter at a time. Leveraging standards-based protocols like IEC 61968-9 Interface for meter reading and control, the ULP network and uCentra MDM/ODM can reliably exchange data.

“Utilities worldwide will benefit from the cost savings that this pre-integrated solution provides, as it reduces unnecessary field time building ad-hoc interfaces that extend the duration of a project,” said Joaquin Silva, president and CEO of On-Ramp. “ElectSolve’s solution was the ideal match for On-Ramp’s technology, and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

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