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Pepco Holdings Inc. to Build Communications Network Management System

Pepco Holdings Inc. will set up an integrated Network Operations Center (NOC) to expand the utility’s ability to monitor technology that supports its deployment of smart grid components, specifically an advanced meter infrastructure and distribution automation system.

PHI’s Network Operations Center, at its core an integrated network management system, will monitor and proactively manage multiple communications devices and technologies, and the data they produce, implemented throughout the company’s electricity grid. The Network Operations Center will enable PHI to more quickly identify problems on the electric system and reduce the time to resolve them.

Accenture will provide technology consulting services to strategize, plan, analyze, design, test and implement the project. It will implement NOC processes and IT solutions for fault management, performance management, configuration management, security management and inventory management compliant with the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) and National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. When fully implemented, the Network Operations Center will provide PHI with a range of functional abilities such as fault notification and analysis, performance data management and capacity planning, network access control and systems authentication, among others.

In addition, Accenture will provide NOC process development and training to PHI’s Network Operations Center personnel. Accenture will leverage its capabilities including the Accenture Delivery Methodology and its NOC assets to help PHI in planning and implementing the Network Operations Center.

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