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Pedernales Electric Cooperative Selects Volt/VAR Optimization Platform

Pedernales Electric Cooperative Selects Volt/VAR Optimization Platform

Pilot deployed in strategic locations to validate technology, measure energy/cost savings Program expected to offset expected a portion of load growth through voltage conservation Members to benefit from program without change in usage behavior

Dominion Voltage Inc. has been selected by Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) to participate in an innovative Volt/VAR optimization pilot program in response to continued load growth in central Texas.

"Pedernales Electric Cooperative, serving one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, is meeting the strategic objectives of smart growth by implementing technologies that provide further savings and better value for our membership," said John Hewa, CEO of Pedernales. "For example, we expect DVI's EDGE AMI-based VVO platform to generate energy savings for our members and lower PEC's wholesale charges by reducing demand during the Four Coincident Peak summer season."

The EDGE pilot will be strategically deployed in select locations to allow PEC to validate the benefits of optimizing its distribution system voltage and measure energy efficiency, Volt/VAR optimization, and voltage stabilization.

Work on the PEC project began in June and implementation is expected in October of this year.

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