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Orlando Utilities Commission Deploying New Meter Data Management System

Orlando Utilities Commission has selected a meter data management system based on eMeter's EnergyIP software to support current and future applications and business processes enabled by an advanced metering infrastructure. OUC selected Siemens' project management and delivery services combined with EnergyIP's capabilities as the best choice for its planned smart grid initiatives. OUC is a municipally owned public utility providing reliable, quality service to the cities of Orlando and St. Cloud and parts of unincorporated Orange County and Osceola counties. Currently, OUC serves more than 313,000 metered accounts.

"We were looking for a partner who possessed the project implementation skills to manage the integration of our two customer information systems and other various back-office systems into the MDMS," said Dan Holverson, OUC's Director of Applications Systems.

OUC is committed to enhancing its services to utility customers, including improved billing accuracy, faster customer response and more efficient customer service, immediate (on-demand) move-in/move-out meter reads, remote meter connect/disconnect, improved reliability and outage management, all of which is provided by EnergyIP.

OUC also wishes to improve its operational efficiency and reduce costs through reliable interval data from electric and water meter reads for energy purchasing, time-of-use pricing programs, prompt notification of leaks, tampering and theft, as well as distribution load analysis.

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