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Orangeburg DPU Implements Best-in-Class Smart Grid Solutions

The Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities (DPU) selected MeterSense and CustomerConnect — the meter data management (MDM) and customer engagement solutions of Harris Utilities SmartWorks — to help the utility make stronger analytical decisions and improve customer service.

The municipal-owned utility provides services to nearly 75,000 customers in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, U.S. Utility managers decided they could advance their operational efficiency and enhance their customer service by making new smart grid investments. They chose Harris Utilities SmartWorks' solutions to anchor the technology not only because of the applications' ease of use, configurability and integration with existing enterprise technologies, but also because the products exceeded the utility's expressed requirements for analytics functions, automation capabilities and enhanced customer involvement.

For more information, visit www.orbgdpu.com.

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