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OG&E Doing Full Asset Inventory of Distribution Network to Prep for Smart Grid

Oklahoma Gas & Electric is performing a full asset inventory of its distribution network, complete with phasing and connectivity, of approximately 1.5 million inspection points as part of its Positive Energy Smart Grid program.

OG&E serves more than 775,000 customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas. This inventory project will support efforts to implement advanced metering, automation, communications, and information technology into its electric distribution system. These smart technologies are designed to reduce operating costs and provide customers with the information they need to better understand and manager their own energy use.

Before these smart technologies can be implemented, OG&E must first create a high-quality digital model of its existing networks. "By making a GIS inventory part of the smart grid implementation, OG&E recognizes that accurate, data, verified in the field, is a critical factor for a successful project" said Jeremy Sadler, Director of Technical Sales at Osmose Utility Services, the company that will be performing the inventory. Asset and network data can also supplement efforts to improve safety, reliability, and efficient use of existing resources.

Once the inventory project is complete - a process that will take roughly 18 months - the data will be verified by Osmose and delivered to OG&E's geographic information system (GIS) mapping system where it will provide an accurate model to be used in the deployment of the smart grid distribution management system (DMS).

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