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NV Energy Receives Commission Approval for Advanced Service Delivery Project

NV Energy has secured formal regulatory approval of its Advanced Service Delivery (ASD) project. On July 28, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada unanimously approved NV Energy’s ASD project.

Advanced Service Delivery is NV Energy's smart grid/smart meter project, and will enable customers to directly manage their energy use and allow for better management of energy resources statewide. NV Energy received $138 million in Smart Grid Investment Grant stimulus funding from the Department of Energy specifically for the implementation of the $301 million ASD project.

Enspiria Solutions, provider of consulting and systems integration services, supported ASD development across strategy, business case, solution architecture, and vendor selections; and is now providing program management and systems integration support for the ASD deployment.

Gary Smith, program director - Smart Technologies, at NV Energy, said, “This project, which will ultimately benefit our customers, will now be more visible with the deployment of the first 10,000 meters scheduled for later this year.”

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