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Norway Energy Company Upgrading Power Distribution Management

Ventyx has announced a new software license contract that will contribute to reliable power distribution for the Lyse Group, an energy and telecommunications company in Norway, with systems that optimize the management and monitoring of power generation and transmission.The contract value is approximately US$3.5 million.

Ventyx will deliver a complete upgrade of the systems for management and monitoring of power generation and distribution. The Network Manager SCADA energy and distribution management systems (EMS/DMS) helps cut operating costs and secure power supply.

The contract was signed in the third quarter of 2011. Deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2012 and be completed by third quarter of 2013. The system is designed so that the transition to the new system could take place without disruptions. The customer will be able to reuse existing databases. Historical data, together with real-time data, constitute an efficient tool for decision making.

With Network Manager the customer will have advanced functionality available for power generation and condition monitoring of the power grid, as well as a simulator for operator training. The system will integrate with the existing solutions for the management of work end- orders. In the contract there is also an option for gas distribution and wind power generation management solutions.

The Lyse Group is an energy and telecommunications company, owned by 16 municipalities in Southwestern Norway. The Group has 900 employees and a turnover of approximately US$900 million in 2010. The business includes production and sales of energy and telecommunications products, as well as construction, operations and maintenance of infrastructure.

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