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Mississippi City to Use Smart Grid Solutions as a Service

Trilliant's Smart Grid Communications Platform has been chosen by GE to be a part of its innovative Grid IQ Solutions as a Service (SaaS) offering provided to the city of Holly Springs, Mississippi.

The city of Holly Springs wanted to make smart grid investments to enhance its operational efficiency, improve reliability and increase customer engagement. In looking at various alternatives, Holly Springs chose GE’s Grid IQ SaaS as a reliable and cost-effective way to deploy the advanced smart grid solutions needed to meet current and future needs. With GE’s Grid IQ SaaS and Trilliant’s communication technology, Holly Springs will receive the benefits of advanced smart grid deployments without the high costs associated with owning the smart grid assets and managing the deployments themselves. GE chose Trilliant for Holly Springs due to Trilliant’s proven capabilities in delivering utilities with reliability, speed and bandwidth built into Trilliant’s SecureMesh Communication Platform.

Trilliant’s SecureMesh, part of the Trilliant Communications Platform, is a combination of wireless networking technologies pre-engineered to work seamlessly together and purpose-built for the smart grid. The Trilliant Communication Platform provides utilities with the flexibility to phase in smart grid deployments to meet the most pressing needs first. Utilities can choose which smart grid applications—smart distribution, smart metering, or smart consumer—they want to deploy first. The Trilliant Platform allows a utility to deploy not only advanced metering infrastructure today, but also the flexibility to support advanced smart distribution applications such as volt/volt-ampere reactive control, fault detection, isolation and restoration and other real-time distribution automation initiatives in the future.


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