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MISO Uses Smart Grid Technology to Improve Reliability

MISO and its transmission owners have reached two major milestones in implementing the U.S. Department of Energy's goal of revitalizing the electric grid.

MISO deployed the use of synchrophasors into two critical aspects of grid analytics: system modeling and after-the-fact event analysis. With 161 synchrophasor measurement devices now operating along the 50,000-mile (80,467-km) interconnected system in its 11-state region, MISO's grid operators have a highly sensitive measurement for grid diagnostics using phasor measurement units.

The dynamic model enhancement process will allow MISO to more accurately determine transfer limits on the system. Improving the precision of dynamic models also will result in more reliable and efficient operations by enabling safe operation of the bulk electric system closer to its maximum limits.

After-the-fact analysis includes the study of specific grid activity or disturbances to determine whether changes are needed to prevent larger threats to regional reliability. Using synchrophasor data to conduct event analysis helps MISO more rapidly determine an accurate sequence of events and accurate picture of how equipment responded, resulting in more timely and accurate evaluations of disturbances.

Visit www.midwestiso.org.

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