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Microsoft Collaborates with Telvent for Interoperable Software

Telvent will work with Microsoft as a globally managed independent software vendor to create smart grid solutions for the utility industry.

This collaboration will allow Telvent greater access to Microsoft technology and resources to address pressing needs of the smart grid age, including performance metrics, response times and security. Telvent will also incorporate more of Microsoft’s Smart Energy Reference Architecture and cloud computing platform. As a result, utilities may benefit from reduced IT costs, easier-to-implement upgrades and more convenient monthly software fees rather than large, capital-intensive IT projects. Telvent is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft and already uses the Microsoft platform.

“Our partners can use the Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture as the basis for the development of smarter grids and the ‘integrated utility of the future’ because it addresses technology integration throughout the full scope of the smart energy ecosystem," said Jon Arnold, managing director, Worldwide Power & Utilities Industry, Microsoft.

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