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Itron Smart Meter Enters Brazilian Market with Inmetro Certification

 Itron’s ACE SL7000 high-end industrial smart meter has received certification from Inmetro, the government-managed Brazilian metrology institute, to be marketed in Brazil.

To date, more than 900,000 units of the SL7000 smart meter have been sold in 90 countries. The proven smart meter has been upgraded with an integrated modem, which optimizes communications and allows the meter to send alerts via SMS or e-mail about reverse energy detection, fraud attempts, excessive heating, quality of energy monitoring and demand excess. This functionality makes identifying and fixing failures faster and more efficient.

The SL7000 meter incorporates several measuring and billing functions aimed at commercial and industrial, and transmission and distribution markets, enabling complete integration with smart grid systems. The meter has the flexibility to be configured to meet both free clients and THS measuring requirements and regulations.

For more information, visit www.itron.com.

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