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Integrated Volt/VAR Control Tools Meet Increased Demand for Delivery Efficiency

Efacec Advanced Control Systems is addressing an increased demand for Volt/VAR optimization among utilities with tools that calculate efficiency savings faster and more accurately. Efacec ACS' Interactive Volt/VAR Control (IVVC) tools maximize distribution efficiency through coordinated control of all voltage and VAR devices.

Efacec ACS' solution also offers a model-based simulation tool that quantifies the efficiency that can be gained from IVVC. XpertSim can simulate at high speed a full year of system operation to show expected savings -- helping utilities quantify the return on investment for optimization initiatives. It has been integrated into programs at various stages of evaluation and deployment, including projects for Avista Utilities and Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).

Efacec ACS offers a true model-based application for Volt/VAR optimization, which uses a three-phase unbalanced load flow to provide a more robust and effective solution than offerings based on scripted rules or auto-adaptive methods of control. When combined with XpertSim, utilities can identify potential efficiency gains prior to implementation, then use the same tool to verify the savings once the system is in place.

The IVVC solution is available as a component of Efacec ACS' PRISM Advanced DMS or as part of its Centrix feeder automation platform.

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