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Guiyang Power Taps Telvent for Expansion of Smart Grid Efforts

Guiyang Electrical Power Supply Company of Guizhou, China, has selected Telvent smart grid technology for the collection and analysis of its real-time operational data. This solution, integrated with Guiyang Power's current Telvent products, will support the planning, operation and analysis of a distribution network that reaches nearly 4 million people in Guiyang, Guizhou province's capital.

With Telvent's smart grid solutions, Guiyang Power will have access to critical data through an intuitive interface that seamles sly integrates with its current software. The utility will collect data from approximately 1 million data points for analysis and solve service disruptions more quickly by locating the incident, isolating it and providing recommendations on how best to restore the power supply — all through a dispatcher's remote control commands to field devices rather than through a manual procedure.

For more information, visit www.telvent.com.

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