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Grid Monitoring Tech Reduces Costs of Running Networks

Grid Monitoring Tech Reduces Costs of Running Networks

Tollgrade Communications, Inc. is helping European utility companies and distribution network operators to improve grid reliability while reducing capital and operational costs with its LightHouse Medium-Voltage Sensors and Predictive Grid Analytics software.

Tollgrade’s LightHouse platform consists of inductively-powered, maintenance-free smart grid sensors and SMS software with predictive grid analytics.  LightHouse distribution monitoring platform provides improved grid visibility and fault detection capabilities helping utilities identify potential problems on the grid before significant power outages occur. 

As European electricity grid networks become more complex and seek to integrate increasing amounts of distributed generation, such as wind, solar and hydro, utility companies and DNOs are looking at ways to more accurately monitor their network infrastructure. 

The LightHouse platform offers a battery-free, software-enabled Smart Grid Sensor that has been verified by independent, third-party laboratories to measure voltage to within 0.5% accuracy.   

The integration of renewable energy assets onto the grid can gecnerate “backfeed,” where power flows in the opposite direction from its usual flow. This can create an unsafe working environment for engineers, generate additional stress on the grid and cause equipment to fail prematurely. Therefore, having the ability to determine in which direction a load current is flowing is becoming increasingly important. 

Tollgrade is engaged in UK-based projects with Western Power Distribution (WPD), Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD), Community Energy Scotland and other DNOs.  Tollgrade also services customers in Europe, North America and South America. 

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