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Green Energy Offers Software Purchase Agreement for Smart Grid Platform

Green Energy Corp. has announced the availability of a software purchase agreement (SPA) for its subscription-based smart grid platform, GreenBus.

The GreenBus facilitates the capture and management of high-volume, real-time field device data and provides interoperability for applications to access and share operational data securely. It is also the only open software platform to integrate emerging technologies like renewables, storage and electric vehicles into the next generation or ‘smart’ grid. As a subscription-based contract, the GreenBus SPA eliminates major capital expenditures associated with the advanced information technologies driving most smart grid initiatives.

The SPA “pay-as-you-go” model allows subscribers to maximize the impact of technology by buying what they need, when they need it. Utilities gain immediate efficiency and cost savings with bundled applications that come with GreenBus SPA, or by certified third party applications. Because GreenBus software is delivered by way of a secure cloud, it reduces the need for utilities to manage expensive IT equipment and hire specialized talent.

The GreenBus SPA is a contract to purchase software capabilities during a seven year term. Subscribers start with the Baseline GreenBus capabilities that can be expanded to include additional applications from either Green Energy Corp or GreenBus certified, third-party applications.

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