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GE to Offer Additional Electric Transmission Capacity from its Smart Grid Transformers in New Jersey

GE unit GE Energy Financial Services is offering additional electric transmission capacity from its Linden variable frequency transformer (VFT) smart grid project, which uses GE technology to enable a simple and controlled transmission path between electrical grids.

GE is making an additional 15 MW of reservation rights available through the PJM OASIS system. This allows market participants (on a first-come, first-serve basis) to obtain either firm or non-firm reservation rights to transmit energy, sourced in the PJM Interconnection, LLC regional control area, into the New York Independent System Operator Inc. (NYISO) regional control area. The Linden VFT customers also will be able to use the PJM OASIS system to obtain reservation rights in the opposite direction to route energy from NYISO to PJM.

Service is being offered under the terms of Schedule 16 of the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff (Transmission Service on the Linden VFT Facility) as well as Schedule 16A.

The Linden VFT project, which can provide New York City with additional power, is located in Linden, New Jersey, at the intersection of the NYISO Zone J (New York City) and PJM power grids. Constructed adjacent to GE Energy Financial Services' 900-MW Linden cogeneration power plant, the project provides 315 MW of transmission capacity, enough to power up to 315,000 homes.

The Linden VFT project commenced commercial operation in late 2009 and has successfully demonstrated the flexibility to flow power in both directions between NYISO and PJM power grids. The VFTs provide a precise control path between electrical grids, permitting power exchanges that were previously impossible because of technical constraints. They enable transmission system operators at PJM and NYISO to control power flows with high reliability, speed and efficiency, while offering flexibility in how utilities meet growing energy demand. The reliable power flow also provides customers with more diverse and lower-cost power sources.

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