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EPB of Chattanooga Contracts for SCADA/DMS

EPB of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has awarded a contract for advanced Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition and Distribution Management System (SCADA/DMS) based on OSI’s monarch/SGP (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture Smart Grid) platform.

Recipient of a federal stimulus grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, EPB has embarked upon a Smart Grid project for Chattanooga, Tennessee and parts of surrounding counties. Leveraging the recently completed 1Gbps fiber network (among the fastest internet pipelines in the world), EPB’s Smart Grid is set to encompass the deployment of more than 170,000 smart meters for Chattanooga homes and businesses by fall of 2012.

OSI’s technology will play an important central role in automating EPB’s distribution operations. The SCADA functionality includes an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as OSI’s Remote Console GUI; Calculation; Real-time and Historical Trending; Disturbance Data Collection; Data Engineering and Maintenance; Alarm Management; Advanced Data Presentation; Communications Front-end Processor; Inter-control Center Communications Protocol; Historical Information System and Data Archiving; Short-Term Load Forecasting and Load Shedding.

OSI Spectra Advanced Smart Grid DMS functionality includes full integration with GIS, OMS, and AMI/AMR systems as well as supporting Distribution Electronic Mapping; Switching Order Management; Fault Isolation and Service Restoration; Feeder Reconfiguration; Distribution Power Flow, Volt/VAR Control and Demand Response functionality.

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