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EnerNex and Newport Announce Partnership Focused on Grid Modernization

EnerNex has forged a strategic alliance with Paul De Martini of Newport Consulting Group, focusing on the development and management of advanced technology for grid modernization and customer engagement. EnerNex will join with Newport’s strong strategic and business operational experience globally.

Paul De Martini, managing director of Newport, has an extensive background in managing technology development, deployment and operations in a range of utility and energy services businesses. He is an industry leader shaping the vision and direction of grid modernization through his work with the Electric Power Research Institute, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, Caltech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, European Commission’s 2035 Strategic Research Advisory, and other organizations worldwide.

As part of the partnership, the two companies plan to use and leverage their strengths to provide a range of services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Planning: Help utilities identify and prioritize the operational areas best suited for investment and upgrade.
  • Technology Management: Help utilities successfully adapt and adopt technologies best suited for the requirements.
  • Project Management: Support utility project planning, ramp-up and deployment.

Erich Gunther, EnerNex co-founder, chief technology officer and recently appointed an IEEE Fellow, helps clients define their strategic direction in basic R&D, technology, and product development. He has been active in grid modernization and automation through the IEEE and other organizations.

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