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DONG Energy to Implement Smart Grid Applications

Danish power producer DONG Energy has selected Telvent GIT to supply a full suite of smart grid systems, centered on its advanced distribution management system (ADMS). These applications will integrate with DONG Energy's existing Telvent GIS system to provide a single, powerful platform that will support all of its business processes from planning to final delivery.

Using the Telvent smart grid solutions, DONG Energy will be able to monitor, control and improve its overall knowledge of the state of its network. With the capability to process and incorporate real-time data from the field, forecast load demand and better model distributed generation throughout the network, the ADMS allows the utility to allocate energy across the grid more efficiently and better integrate renewable sources of energy into the network.

The ADMS also supports self-healing incident-response capabilities by identifying the fault location and automatically providing dispatchers with decision-support recommendations on how best to restore power.

To learn more, visit www.telvent.com.

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