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Denmark Utility Orders Smart Grid System

Denmark energy supplier Østjysk Energi has signed a contract on a complete wireless smart metering system that includes 30,000 smart meters. This makes Østjysk Energi the first utility to order the new smart grid platform OMNIA.

With the new smart metering system, Østjysk Energi is ramping up to the future smart grid with enriched features for grid optimization.

Installation Manager Brian Hansen from Østjysk Energi explains the choice of the OMNIA platform: “In the selection process, we were interested in usability as well as system performance and security aspects. Especially data security must be weighted when implementing a future-proof smart metering system. Our main focus, though, has been on the functions that will give us an advantage in terms of grid optimization and improved maintenance work. We are looking forward to getting a powerful tool for troubleshooting as well as easier access to critical and detailed information from the grid.”

Østjysk Energi further mentions the system's distributed intelligence as a decisive factor that will save valuable installation time and provide detailed insight into the low-voltage grid.

Immediately after installation the meters will communicate their identity to the head-end system. The enhanced intelligence in meters and concentrators will provide quick responses as well as a high data frequency from the low-voltage grid.

“We have in our supply area among our customers a large number of solar panels, which poses a voltage-quality challenge that the meters must be able to handle. The OMNI-POWER smart meters will push alarms in case of overvoltage, and we will be able to define maximum values and avoid critical sags and swells,” says Hansen.

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