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Crossbow Substation Access Program Updated

RuggedSolutions has released an update to its CrossBow solution for secure substation access and NERC CIP compliance. While retaining all of the security features of previous versions of the software application, CrossBow 4 makes significant moves into areas of IED automation that will allow utilities to more effectively manage various aspects of device access and configuration. Password and relay configuration management, as well as IED file retrieval are examples of automation capabilities that augment the existing security controls. These features provide a utility with the means to easily control changes to large populations of critical cyber assets, while maintaining strict control of user access.

Also new in CrossBow 4, is the CrossBow Station Access Controller for local and emergency substation access, running on the RuggedCom ROX operating system. This gives customers the option of using new and existing RuggedCom switches and routers as the physical login point in the substation, while retaining all of the user roles and permissions granted by the central CrossBow enterprise server.

“Our customers have been asking more of us in terms of automation and change management, as well as extending our security model to the substation,” said Jeff Gill, Vice President of RuggedSolutions. “CrossBow 4 delivers on these requirements and allows our customers continued ease of access to substation devices while guarding against inadvertent or intentional harm being done.”

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