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Convergys Introduces Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0

Convergys Corp. has announced the worldwide availability of Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0, which provides communications and utilities companies with advanced credit management and is part of Convergys Smart Suite of BSS Solutions.

The global economic downturn created consumer and business demand for tighter cost controls. Communications and utility providers require more transparency around fees for late payments from post-pay customers; consumers are demanding greater financial visibility and control over their usage of services.

Convergys has enhanced Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0 so that customers can set service-specific cost restrictions for usage to combat unexpected charges, or set individual credit limits for organization or family groups on a single billing account.

Operators and providers can benefit from accounting improvements that help clearly identify profitable services. The real-time capability of Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0 enables operators and providers to pay tax when the service is consumed as opposed to the date of the bill, helping ensure improved cash flow.

The Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0 solution also includes:

  • Further enhancements for real-time functionality for both post and pre-paid, enhancing care and helping companies to retain and grow their customer base.
  • Flexible lifecycle management and enhancement of offers aimed at the pre-pay segment allowing better real-time control over customers, increasing competitive differentiation and helping boost average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Real-time policies improving support for communications providers, such as parental controls for phone calls and television channels, and better controls for late fees for utilities.
  • Improved cost efficiencies through ease of configuration and flexibility of response to competitors and dynamic markets.

Other key features include Application Management Forum (AMF) and web services support, improved monitoring of usage on demand in real-time, and support for third-party product and operating systems upgrades, helping ensure flexibility for the future.

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