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Cobb EMC Launches Commercial Build-Out of TETRA System

Cobb EMC, a Marietta, Georgia, U.S.-based electric membership cooperative, has agreed to the United States’ first complete commercial build-out of a TETRA two-way radio communications system. This installation will be based upon infrastructure and subscriber units (radios) supplied by Hytera Communications Inc.

Hytera’s TETRA package of four fixed-site systems, one flexible site (dubbed a COW — computer on wheels) and 320 mobile and portable radios will help make operations safer and provide a more efficient use of resources. Furthermore, TETRA is an open standard, so the system owner operator is not confined to using the OEM’s brand to replace or upgrade radios or system components; instead, they can use the open standard equipment that best suits their requirements.

The TETRA digital standard is a global protocol that is earning wide acceptance on every continent. TETRA provides secure and encrypted communications for critical applications and promotes more efficient band usage. More than 750 interoperability certificates have been issued to more than 24 manufacturers by the TETRA Critical Communications Association, the governing body for the TETRA standard.

The system is scheduled to become operational during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Visit www.cobbemc.com and www.hytera.com.

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