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Ambient NMS

Cloud-Based Version of Smart Grid Communications Network Management System

Ambient Corp. has launched the cloud-based version of AmbientNMS®, the extensible network management system that manages communications between grid devices and the utility operations center, and provides an integrated suite of software applications for real-time grid monitoring and management. The cloud-based variant of the AmbientNMS enables utilities to quickly and cost-effectively add the necessary computing resources to manage vital communications for smart grid applications, making use of the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service.

John J. Joyce, President and CEO of Ambient said, "Adding a cloud-based version of the AmbientNMS provides our customers with the ability to quickly adopt our smart grid solutions and manage communications between their assets. Using cloud services means that configurations can be chosen to suit each customer. This option from Ambient acknowledges that each utility's initial requirements are different and will develop at differing rates of over time."

"Flexibility, through providing choice of open, standards-based IP communications technologies for different applications and, now, in how to implement our versatile communications network management system, has always been central to our offering," said David Masters, CTO of Ambient Corporation. "Moreover, we intend to further develop how we offer our suite of applications -- outage management, power quality monitoring, and other software solutions -- to allow the utility to tailor our solutions to their particular requirements cost effectively."

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