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CipherOptics Expands European Presence With Exclusive Networks Partnership

CipherOptics has signed a partnership agreement with Exclusive Networks. Specializing in solutions for securing critical network infrastructures, Exclusive Networks markets solutions that meet existing or emerging security needs.

“As the need for scalable network security continues to grow, CipherOptics is expanding its reach into global markets through new partnerships with established regional VARs and distributors.” said Thomas Gill, CEO of CipherOptics. “Exclusive Networks provides us with a strong presence in the European and African markets.”

Headquartered in France, Exclusive Networks operates in many countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Netherlands, as well as Northern Africa.

"The growing need to secure all data in motion across both public and private Wide Area Networks (WANs) has created demand for security solutions that protect data without impacting performance,” said Olivier Breittmayer, CEO and chairman of Exclusive Group France. “Partnering with CipherOptics provides us with another means of helping our customers achieve regulatory compliance and reducing the risk of data loss or theft, without impacting their business operations or modifying their infrastructures, which is ideal in the markets we serve.”

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