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Bermuda Electric Light Co. to Integrate Enterprise Asset Management with GIS

Bridge Energy Group has been selected to serve as the smart grid integration partner for Bermuda Electric Light Co. (BELCO).

The company has secured a contract for the first phase of an enterprise application integration (EAI) project to support BELCO's enterprise asset management to geographic information system (GIS) integration.

The EAI project is BELCO's strategic initiative to define its information technology and operations technology roadmap for the next several years.

BELCO prepares to implement a smarter grid to support future potential initiatives across distribution automation, demand response, distributed generation, renewables and energy efficiency/conservation programs.

Bridge Energy CEO Tony Giroti said Bridge will leverage its eFAME methodology to gain a holistic end-to-end view of how cross functional business processes, such as asset management and GIS, are tied together.

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