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Belgium Utility Deploying GE Distribution Management System

GE’s PowerOnFusion Distribution Management System has been chosen by Flemish electric and gas distribution utility EANDIS to power its smart grid project. The EANDIS smart grid project seeks to improve grid and operational efficiency and integrate renewable energy to help meet the European Union’s goal of 20 percent carbon reduction by 2020, part of the European Union’s 20/20/20 initiative.

GE’s integrated solution at EANDIS will provide a constantly evolving evergreen platform capable of meeting the changing requirements of the smart grid and the low-carbon economy,” said Luis Maria Perez, general manager at GE Digital Energy.

GE’s PowerOnFusion DMS technology integrates traditional utility distribution functions such as network management, outage management and regulatory reporting with emerging low carbon technologies like embedded generation and energy storage all in a single platform.

The software’s architecture and functionality have been designed to service all users in their own working environment. The result of the seamless integration and flexible architecture is streamlined business operations, increased workforce productivity and improved quality of service for consumers.

The underlying design concepts of PowerOnFusion also acknowledge the business criticality of electricity distribution, the need for real time usability speeds and for 24 x 7 operational availability.

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