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Alstom Delivers Market Management Software for PJM Interconnection

Alstom Grid has recently implemented a new market management software system enabling the PJM Interconnection to more efficiently deploy fast-ramping energy resources in response to surging demand for electricity. This installation of Alstom’s upgraded e-terramarket platform also makes PJM compliant with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 755, which establishes a performance-based compensation system for sources of electricity that can be brought online quickly to ensure reliability.

As North America’s largest wholesale energy market, PJM faces a growing challenge to ensure a constant flow of electricity in an environment where demand can fluctuate rapidly. Alstom’s recently installed e-terramarket 3.0 software allows PJM to more efficiently call on energy resources such as battery and fly-wheel based storage systems ideally suited to providing a short-term boost in the supply of available electricity. Alstom Grid also delivered a new shortage pricing model for PJM that produces more accurate electricity prices when real-time operating reserves on the grid fall short of required levels.

“Grid operators need flexible, on-demand energy resources to respond to rapid shifts in the ways homes and businesses consume electricity,” said Karim El Naggar, Vice President and head of Alstom Grid’s Network Management Solutions business. “Alstom technology experts worked alongside the PJM team to ensure our system manages those resources as efficiently as possible, thereby achieving compliance with the requirements of Order 755.”

Benefits now available to PJM through e-terramarket 3.0 include built-in configurability for faster adaptation to regulatory requirements, a state-of-the-art security constrained optimization engine to ensure reliability, and cost savings through higher performance.

Earlier this year, Alstom Grid also delivered new functions for demand response compensation, enabling PJM to become the first Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) in the U.S. to comply with FERC’s Order 745, which addresses payments for demand response.

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