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Advanced Wireless Radios to Link Seven Iraqi Regional Control Centers and Facilitate Automation of Power Distribution System

LS Industrial Systems has awarded ABB an order to deliver a utility communications solution that will serve seven electricity distribution control centers in Iraq. The project is part of a larger infrastructure improvement initiative currently being carried out by the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq, aimed at establishing a dependable power network to support economic and social development in the country.

ABB will deliver a communications system capable of transmitting data from 428 distribution substations and 150 maintenance centers in the grid to seven regional control centers. The system will include broadband wireless radios to carry both data and voice transmissions, ensuring reliable
operation of the grid and supporting the speedy identification, isolation and resolution of faults.

An effective communications system provides the high-performance data services required by most operational networks and supports multiple applications. For this project, that includes operational telephony and supervisory control and data acquisition services.

The high-capacity wireless communications network being delivered in Iraq will bring several advantages to the grid. The radios can communicate over distances in excess of 50 km (31 miles) to provide a scalable, highly flexible and cost-effective solution. Wireless communication is well-suited to challenging terrains and built-up areas.

For more information, visit www.abb.com.


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