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NV Energy Implementing Integrated, IP-based Customer Experience Solution

NV Energy has selected Genesys to replace its entire customer care infrastructure with an integrated, IP-based solution to improve its customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

In the highly competitive energy market, a key way to win and keep customers is to provide top-notch service, from on-boarding new customers to outage assistance and beyond. NV Energy was replacing an antiquated, TDM-based infrastructure that was composed of standalone subsystems, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), that didn’t integrate at a software or IP level and required separate administrative support. The company chose Genesys after a competitive review as they offered a fully integrated IP based solution that included IVR as well as workforce management, quality management and outbound call-back services.

The IVR system was especially important in the decision process as a primary goal was improving customer satisfaction through a better self-service experience, allowing customers to complete a service transaction without interfacing with a “live” agent. The new system is also expected to provide enhanced quality management and reporting capability. A transition from Primary Rate Interface (PRI) to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service is targeting lower TELCO costs and a more robust disaster recovery solution in collaboration with Genesys’ redundancy features.

NV Energy, working with system integrator Performance Technology Partners, chose Genesys Business Edition in Q4 2013 and plans to roll out its new solution in Q4 2014. The Business Edition is designed for mid-size contact centers that require all-in-one functionality that deploys rapidly, is easy to use, and scales as your contact center grows. With this Edition, customers can choose to run their contact center in the cloud, on-premises with a pre-configured appliance or in a hybrid cloud configuration. The on-premises appliance comes in multiple configurations.


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