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Tool Helps Utilities Manage Training Resources

SOS teamed up with Focus Learning Corporation’s VISION Learning and Performance Support System

SOS Intl now offers an affordable solution for small and medium-size utilities to manage their training program while ensuring compliance with applicable North American Electric Reliability Corp. standards.

SOS teamed up with Focus Learning Corporation’s VISION Learning and Performance Support System (VISION) to help utilities maintain a systematic approach to training-based program aligned to the PER Standards. SAT Advantage is a unique service that lessens the time and resources required from traditional training teams by using a collaborative approach with other utilities. This collaboration produces a shared database of improvements to common training challenges.

“SOS works with each utility to enter their specific training details into the VISION software. The software then compares that information with others in the database to produce a uniform solution,” explains Rocky Sease, owner and CEO of SOS.

SAT Advantage reduces the burden on training departments, is cost-effective, limits time and resources spent identifying standards and changes, streamlines the training process, and provides support and collaboration with other utilities.

“We work with utilities closely every single day. The one complaint we hear over and over again from small organizations is they don’t have the resources to maintain an SAT-based training program. It’s requires more time and effort than they can easily support. SAT Advantage helps with those challenges,” said Sease.

In addition to the initial implementation of the tool, SOS helps utilities transition to ongoing services that include changes to PER Standards, regular database maintenance and potential improvements, support in annual reliability-related tasks reviews, and annual training program evaluations.  Additional services through the program include human performance, program maturity, training content development, and NERC reliability standards updates.

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