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Southern States to Host Circuit Breaker Seminar Attendees for Factory Tour

The 2019 Doble Circuit Breaker Seminar will feature a tour of Southern States' facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Southern States LLC, a provider of switching, automation and protection solutions to utilities for more than 100 years, is offering a half-day facility tour on Monday, October 14, for attendees of this year’s  Circuit Breaker Seminar, in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees will travel to Southern States for a facility tour to gain hands-on experience in the operation, adjustment and maintenance of disconnect switches, operating mechanisms, SF6 power switching devices, transmission line switches, as well as high-voltage mobile substations and auxiliary trailers.

Following the visit to Southern States’ facilities, Southern States and Doble Engineering Company will co-host a welcome event at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, providing beverages and food, in addition to NASCAR pace car rides and remote-control racing and simulation.

 For more information about Southern States, visit The 2019 Circuit Breaker Seminar is Oct. 14-18. Learn more at




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