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SOS Intl Provides First Distribution Simulator for Power Industry

SOS Intl (SOS) and WSC have jointly developed the first power industry simulator designed to train distribution system operators to perform normal and emergency tasks regardless of organization size. The simulator is designed to complement the SOS Distribution Control Center Operations Training Program.

The SOS Electrical Distribution Simulator is a web-enabled tool that replicates load distribution in a medium-sized city with 40 to 50 MVA of load. Students are trained to anticipate system behavior in response to operator actions and events using Real-time and scenario-based data.

This tool makes distribution operations training more realistic and relevant for the distribution system operator.

Based on an SOS-designed topography that includes transformers, voltage regulators, breakers, fuses, switches, capacitor banks, and reclosers used in a typical distribution system, students master real-time situation awareness and decision making.

“Currently an estimated 55,000 distribution system operators are employed in North America. It’s critical these operators are trained and know how to respond and possibly prevent major events that occur on our nation’s distribution systems. We’re excited to enhance the performance of our system operators through this tool and our Distribution Control Center Operations Training Program,” explained Rocky Sease, owner and CEO at SOS.

SOS and WSC have plans for future versions of the simulator which include Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grid technology to keep up with advancements being made in the electric industry.

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