Doble Conference Keynote to Discuss Grid Threats

Richard Jones, company VP and grid security expert at BRIDGE Energy Group, has been selected as the keynote speaker by the International Conference of Doble Clients, April 8-13, in Boston, Massachusetts. Jones’ April 9 presentation titled, “Risky Business: Grid Transformation Reveals New, Real-World Threats,” will address the changing dynamics and the new security approach needed to safeguard utility operations from cyber-attacks.

The International Conference of Doble Clients is a premier conference for the electric power industry, addressing the industry’s critical issues through education, discussion and collaboration. This conference brings together power industry experts such as Jones, to discuss pressing topics impacting the future of the industry.

“Grid security professionals have a near impossible job, and that job is getting exponentially harder with Grid Transformation initiatives. Cyberattacks continue to hit not only our main utility operations and new grid technologies, but also their associated partners and contractors, as a means to penetrate the primary facilities,” said Jones. “We need to safeguard the entire chain-of-operations with new techniques that enable the good-guys to stay a step ahead of the bad.”

Jones’ presentation will be held on Monday, April 9, 7:30, and will discuss how utilities must pursue a more strategic transformation to achieve the agility needed to address both the changing threats and emerging Grid Edge technologies that are expanding the utility’s vulnerabilities. Actions being taken today are significant and unsustainable, but unfortunately are still insufficient. Jones will highlight a pathway forward that addresses these challenges and reduces the risk and compliance burdens for the utility.

BRIDGE Energy Group

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