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DiSTI and TTI Collaborate to Design 3D and Virtual Reality Training Courses

The DiSTI Corporation, a provider of 3D virtual training solutions and developer of VE Studio, has signed an agreement with Technical Training Professionals (TTP), to develop interactive 3D and virtual reality training courses for the utility industry. Since 2003, TTP has been providing detailed 3D operations and maintenance training courses to the utility industry for entire site training, systems training and component training for combined cycle, simple cycle and coal-fired plants; amassing a large catalog of courses used by more than 50 utility customers around the world. TTP continues to create new maintenance and marketing content for OEMs in the utility industry.

DiSTI has developed 3D virtual training solutions for the aerospace and defense industry and over the past 15 years, has developed proven process and technologies used by both original equipment manufacturers such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, end users such as the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force and numerous foreign military customers. Under the agreement, TTP and DISTI will work to enhance and expand TTP's course catalog to include interactive desktop, mobile and virtual reality capabilities and to develop new training courses.

"Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies provide new capabilities to improve skills and safety for utility operators, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical maintenance personnel," says Fred Foster, CEO of TTP. "Customers want to incorporate these technologies into their training courses. VE Studio is an ideal development platform as it allows us to reuse the 3D content that we have already invested in and extend training to desktop, mobile and VR devices to address various training needs. This will save our customers money and enable us to provide new methods of training faster than if we had to manually create new content."

TTP's initial focus for 3D interactive training will be on developing detailed maintenance content for Aeroderivative Units, Frame 7 combustion turbines, steam turbines and other comparable CTs. Next, the company will expand its scope to actuators and instrumentation. Its focus for virtual reality courses will be for large pumps such as boiler feed pumps, actuator repair and instrumentation calibration and repair.

"We are seeing significant demand from the energy sector for 3D interactive and virtual reality-based maintenance training solutions," says John Cunningham, chief revenue officer for the DiSTI Corporation. "TTP has extensive industry experience and a rich catalog of 3D courses used by utility operators and mechanical maintenance personnel around the world. Besides English language courses, TTP is developing courses in Mandarin, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. We look forward to working with TTP to expand their course catalog to include interactive and virtual reality courses using our VE Studio development platform which will significantly reduce TTP's time to adapt existing content and create new courses for both desktop and virtual reality applications to address their customer needs." 

To see demo videos, visit the Web site

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