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Company to Offer Free Situational Awareness Training

March 31, 2020
Dr. Richard Gasaway will offer free live training sessions from April 2-8 to help others learn more about situational awareness.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken the world into uncharted territory, according to Dr. Richard Gasaway, a retired fire chief and president of Gasaway Safety Solutions. Gasaway, who spoke at the 2019 Lineman's Rodeo safety conference, says during press conferences, elected officials are pleading with citizens, employers, workers and first responders to “exercise Situational Awareness.”

Most people, however, have little to no understanding as to what situational awareness means, how to develop it or how to maintain it. Fifteen years ago, driven by his passion to help improve first responder safety and high-stress decision making, he completed a doctor of philosophy degree while researching the cognitive neuroscience aspects of situational awareness. The findings of this research, the lessons learned, and dozens of best practices have been shared in six books, including his most recent: How Smart Workers Use Situational Awareness to Improve Safety. The lessons have also been shared with 87,000-plus live event program attendees worldwide.

Gasaway is now offering informative sessions to help others to learn about situational awareness and how to apply best practices that can improve their safety and the safety of those they care about most.

He will offer two live sessions every day at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST for seven consecutive days from April 2 to 8, 2020. Each session will be followed by Q&A. He will also be offering access to a recorded session to everyone who registers.

April 2-8, 2020: 10 a.m. CST Daily Sessions:

April 2-8, 2020: 7 p.m. CST Daily Sessions

Click here to visit the landing page on the Web site. 

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