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ATCorp Announces Virtual, Online Cyber Security Training for the Utility Industry

June 19, 2019
The U.S. Department of Energy reported that there are more than a half dozen "capability gaps" in the power sector's ability to respond to a cyberattack on the electric grid. To provide training, ATCorp launched an enhanced cybersecurity training platform for utilities.

Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp) has launched an enhanced version of CYRIN, its online cybersecurity training platform, with new tools designed for the utility industry.

CYRIN is a next-generation “cyber range” for on-line interactive training and testing. As an advanced e-learning platform, it integrates instruction, live exercises and performance monitoring and evaluation. In the past two years, the CYRIN development team has created more labs and specific training for the utility industry.

CYRIN Now incorporates three levels of service

  • LEVEL 1 – Now with more than 30 training labs; and new labs coming each quarter – everything from Incident Response to Web Application Security.
  • LEVEL 2 – Subscribers can now unleash their tools and knowledge to destroy targets of varying difficulty and threat level, or compete head-to-head in attack/defend war games. Versions now include multiple “capture the flag," defacement, and denial of service scenarios, with more coming all the time.
  • LEVEL 3 – Defend the grid! Users will understand what to do when their SCADA Network is under attack. Utility users can now sign on to a virtual network representing a power generation, transmission, and/or distribution company. Each utility gets a dedicated virtual network that includes representative enterprise and operational systems, such as SCADA servers, PLCs, and engineering workstations. Users learn to defend these networks as CYRIN launches attacks against these systems.

In 2018 The U.S. Department of Energy released an August 2017 report that concluded there are more than a half dozen "capability gaps" in the power sector's ability to respond to a cyberattack on the electric grid. A power outage due to a cyberattack has never happened in this country (the United States), but hacking attempts are on the rise and a recent focus on industrial control systems (ICS) by would-be intruders has upped the ante.

Developed by ATCorp initially for the Department of Defense to help defenders train to thwart cyber attacks, CYRIN is designed as an e-learning system to be used without an instructor. CYRIN allows someone to "virtually" secure a Linux server system, analyze the security of a web application or respond to a denial of service attack in a controlled environment. Students can practice on their schedule from within their browser. No custom software or travel is necessary.

It can also work as a classroom (physical or virtual) tool to be used with an instructor. As a classroom tool, CYRIN incorporates a performance management capability and also the capability for the instructor/administrator to develop his/her exercises.

Benefits of the Training

CYRIN improves upon existing cyber range systems with four central innovations:

1. It provides a fully interactive, independent on-line exercise interface for each student.

2. It's always available and accessible from anywhere with no special software required.

3. It's able to monitor student progress against learning objectives within practical exercises and

4.  It's virtual "hands-on" training so students learn by doing. Since it's always available and requires no physical classroom, it saves time and money.

For more information, visit the CYRIN Utility Landing Page, call (800) 850-2170 or view the video below. 

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