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Elementary School Students Learn Electrical Safety at Terex Utilities Safety Town Assembly

Oct. 18, 2018
Engineering and safety professionals from Terex Utilities recently visited Castlewood Elementary School to teach kids about electrical safety.

Engineering and safety professionals from Terex Utilities recently visited Castlewood Elementary School in Castlewood, S.D. to teach fourth, fifth, and sixth graders about electrical safety. The presentation included a live demonstration of Safety Town, a portable doll-house style case equipped to show how electricity travels path to ground, and a hands-on Build-a-Boom activity.

“The Safety Town and Build-a-Boom workshop shows the importance of electrical safety, the role Terex equipment aids in keeping utility workers safe, and the connection between the electrical grid, utility lineworkers, and how that keeps students warm, fed, and entertained every day,” said Marci Lewno Manufacturing Engineer for Terex Utilities.

Safety Town, when energized from a 120volt grounded outlet, is 7500 volts @ 30ma. The live demonstration shows what happens when two characters in the town, Neon Leon and Lightnin Liz, come in contact with live voltage. The voltage path lights up for a visual reference from the point of contact, down the character’s arm, through the heart, and to ground. Safety Town is only to be operated by trained professionals using insulating tools and wearing insulating rubber gloves rated at 7500 volts or more.

The Build-a-Boom workshop utilizes plant starter pots, cardboard, nuts and bolts, and plastic components supplied by Terex.  Following written instructions, students build their own model bucket truck.

“The lessons about electricity and safety around power lines was an important one for our learners so they know the potential danger they could face following a storm or farm accident,” said Brandon Girard, Principal of Castlewood Elementary. Girard noted that the hands-on Build-a-Boom activity was engaging and introduced students to careers in manufacturing and the utility industry. “We are so thankful for the role Terex Utilities plays in our community,” he said.

“We plan to use the Safety Town kit and Build-a-Boom workshop at other schools and community events,” said Becki Dale, Chairperson of the Terex Watertown Team Member Engagement Committee. However, the lessons are not just for children. Dale explains that both activities are also used in new hire introductory training for Terex Utilities team members.

“As an employee of Terex I am continually learning about the electrical grid and its importance to the world. I take pride in our Terex equipment and appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge with others,” said Lewno.

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