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Prysmian Group's Program Aims to Recruit and Develop Young Talent

Sept. 18, 2018
Prysmian Group launched the eighth edition of “Build the future,” the international recruitment program.

Prysmian Group launched the eighth edition of “Build the future,” the international recruitment program, which offers young graduates a highly professional training path through their integration into working environments.

Diversity, inclusion, dialogue and innovation are the founding values of the project. which will select 50 new graduates in economics, business, engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and information technology worldwide. All applicants to “Build the future” are required to demonstrate a good command of English and be willing to handle job challenges in international environments, in addition to possess leadership skills, passion for their work, strong motivation and openness to change within a context where digitalization and innovation are becoming increasingly strategic growth drivers for the Group.

Since its inception in 2012, Prysmian has recruited about 300 young graduates from more than 30 countries in five continents. Sixty of them are currently employed at the Milan headquarters, for a total of 40 different job titles, thus confirming the company’s strong international and multicultural vision and the wide range of opportunities the group offers.

“Build the future” also highlights Prysmian's commitment to promoting the value of gender diversity: 42% of new recruits in 2017 were women, and the female percentage is set to be raised to 50% by 2019. The induction program will envisage for the selected resources an initial training period at the Milan headquarters, in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management, followed by a one-year job rotation in the country of origin which includes a three-month warm-up period for their upcoming international role (R&D, Operations, Sales and Information Technology) and two years abroad within a specific department. The first months will allow the young participants to get to the heart of the Group’s dynamics and operations. The subsequent years of experience will allow the new graduates to be fully integrated into the organization. and thus to make their own significant contributions to business objectives.

The program’s objective, after the first three years, is to assign the roles of junior manager or specialist in a technical area, in the country of origin or abroad, according to a merit-based approach based on performance, personal aptitudes, results and company needs.

Prysmian Group continues to stand out as a growth-oriented organization, not only in terms of business, but also for its attention to enhancing the value of its human capital, which is of fundamental importance in this period marked by technological and social change. The Group’s initiatives range from promotion of inclusion and diversity, such as the “Side by Side” project, to numerous global recruitment programs which, besides “Build the future,” include also “Make it” and “Sell it” dedicated to the best talents among manufacturing and marketing professionals.

“We strongly believe that young people’s contribution is fundamental in terms of ideas and innovation,” commented Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief Human Resources Officer, Prysmian Group. “They are also involved in accelerating our Company’s growth, making it more competitive, as well as increasingly open to and integrated with the communities in which we operate. This is why we are committed to selecting and developing the best talents at the international level, giving them the opportunity to immerse in an innovative and multicultural business as that of Prysmian.”

The search for the 50 talents will continue until December 2018, through a thorough recruitment and evaluation process carried out at both the local and Group level. Their integration within the Company is planned by the first quarter of 2019. All the details to apply for the program and the registration form are available on the Web site  under

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