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Enphase Energy, ImagineSolar Announce Training Collaboration for Smart-Grid-Ready Solar Technology

May 17, 2018
Enphase Energy, Inc. and ImagineSolar LLC announced training collaboration for smart-grid-ready, software-defined solar technology

Enphase Energy, Inc. and ImagineSolar LLC have announced a new training collaboration for smart-grid-ready, software-defined solar technology based on the Enphase IQ platform.

As component count and mechanical complexity of Enphase IQ-based solar microinverter systems continue to decline, the work required to install solar is changing. Enphase microinverter products, whether as standalone microinverters, integrated into Enphase Energized AC Modules, or embedded in Enphase AC Batteries, are designed on a software-defined architecture. As such, solar installers who use Enphase products have been installing sophisticated, smart-grid-enabled IoT devices. ImagineSolar will now be able to leverage the full training resources provided by Enphase to ensure that solar installers can not only install Enphase microinverter systems more efficiently, faster and more profitably but also have the knowledge and skills required to take full advantage of the powerful smart-grid and energy management capabilities of those systems and communicate their value to their customers.

ImagineSolar currently leverages the entire suite of sixth-generation IQ products in its training facility and provides in-depth training on the cloud-based fleet management and monitoring solutions from Enphase. The current collaboration will ensure that participants in ImagineSolar programs will benefit from the full roadmap of software-defined IQ products, from IQ 7 to grid-agnostic IQ 8 technology in the future.

“We added smart-grid training to our solar curriculum in 2010 because it was clear that the technology platforms in solar and smart-grid would converge,” said Michael Kuhn, founder and CEO of ImagineSolar LLC. “The Enphase Energy technology roadmap is leading the way and achieving that convergence today, and we’re excited about bringing a deeper understanding about the smart-grid capabilities of the Enphase IQ system to our customers.”

ImagineSolar will feature a solar + storage system design, install, and commissioning workshop for the Enphase IQ platform at its upcoming Advanced 5-day Solar Workshop. This comprehensive, hands-on workshop will be held at ImagineSolar’s state-of-the-art solar lab facility in Austin, TX from July 13 – 17, 2018. Please visit for details.

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