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High-Voltage Training Allows Energized Voltages at Non-Lethal Current

April 12, 2018
High-voltage training unit will be featured in Booth 3926 at the IEEE PES T&D Expo

The Timpson High-Voltage Training Unit provides a way to allow real energized high voltages to be applied to aerial and underground primaries at a non-lethal current level in your training yard. The unit is designed to energize a yard to full voltage; automatically de-energize when tripped by a trainee; de-energize in fewer than 60 ms with a current threshold of 1.5 mA; sound an audible horn; and measure current changes down to 60 micro-amps.

The accompanying HMI display can monitor opening times and trip currents, record the number of shorts and keep historical track of test records. Subsequent data analysis can help you determine where you should focus to improve the overall effectiveness of your training program. This allows you to get hands-on training, with trainees experiencing the danger and stress of high-voltage work with no actual physical risk, while the trainers monitor everyone objectively. The unit is capable of energizing transformers, transformer banks and other yard equipment, so you can have multiple people training at the same time on different tasks, increasing efficiency and thoroughness of the training yard.

Timpson Electrical & Aerial Services, LLC | Booth 3926

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