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NOJA Power Academy Offers Recloser Training Course

July 20, 2017
The NOJA Power Academy is a five-day training event held at multiple venues around the world

Through the evolution and intelligence of the modern distribution grid, gone are the days of the simple overcurrent detecting auto-recloser. Utility engineers worldwide are faced with increasing complexity of distribution networks with the advent of distributed generation and renewable energy integration. NOJA Power’s team of engineers has been at the forefront of technology development to address the needs of the modern electricity distribution network, and now this industry expertise is being made available through the NOJA Power Academy.

The NOJA Power Academy is a five-day training event held at multiple venues around the world, covering the entire NOJA Power product suite. The primary focus is practical application of protection, control and automation of electricity distribution networks through Automatic Circuit Reclosers. Delivered by industry engineers, the NOJA Power Academy equips trainees with up-to-date skills and capabilities to address the needs of electricity distribution.

Protection and control techniques for renewable integration, smart grids, distribution automation and communications are all covered in the five days, providing engineers and technicians with hands-on experience and industry best practices exposure. NOJA Power’s Service and Engineering teams work across 85 countries for hundreds of utilities, and their practical experience is invaluable in gaining an understanding of protection and control techniques to manage the electricity grid of the 21st century.

“The aim of the NOJA Power Academy is to provide you, our customers, with training that will allow you to reach an expert level in our products,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

This event is held at four locations worldwide annually, with the first event hosted at the NOJA Power Brisbane Headquarters. Spaces are limited to 20 delegates per event, to ensure that each delegate has sufficient one-on-one interaction with the educators. .

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