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Course Teaches Application of Software-Defined Networking to Critical Infrastructure Networking

May 4, 2017
Learn how to apply SEL SDN technology to engineer a better network with SELU hands-on training

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories University (SELU), has released the industry’s first critical infrastructure software-defined networking (SDN) hands-on course, SYS  407: Software-Defined Networks (SYS 407).

This course teaches the principles of SDN and how to apply them to achieve significant benefits to time-critical operational technology (OT) networking, resulting in microsecond-level network healing performance, topology independence, greater cybersecurity and centralized network visibility. This course also teaches students how to apply the SEL-2740S Software-Defined Network Switch and SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller to critical infrastructure networking.

"SDN is redefining Ethernet performance for industrial control system and power utility mission- critical applications by providing microsecond healing, deny-by-default security, centralized network visibility, and simplified design and testing,” Paul Robertson, SEL senior program manager said.

SELU has released the SYS 407 course for OT engineers wanting to learn about the principles of SDN and how to apply this technology to networks. This three-day hands-on course provides comprehensive training on the principles and architecture of SDN, flow implementation, traffic engineering based network design, deny-by-default security, visualization and diagnostics, implementation, and testing. SYS 407 includes real-world, application-based exercises and provides reference materials, which will prepare engineers to confidently apply SDN technology to their specific OT needs. Information technology (IT) engineers will also find this course helpful.

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