Lengcheng Huang: Following a Family Tradition

July 19, 2012
When Lengcheng Huang was very young, he loved math and science and was good at them. And he had a tradition to follow: His parents and his brother are all engineers.

When Lengcheng Huang was very young, he loved math and science and was good at them. And he had a tradition to follow: His parents and his brother are all engineers. So Huang decided to do the same thing and enrolled in Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. He earned bachelor and master of science degrees in electrical engineering, then went on to obtain a master of science in electrical power engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

Now Huang has 11 years of experience in power systems with an emphasis on power system load flow, dynamics and short circuit analysis. He has experience in the broad areas of power systems analysis, planning, operations, software development and education. He has also been working on a number of consulting and teaching assignments, as well as some software development assignments. He has performed numerous power system analyses and simulation studies for system expansions and new system interconnections.

In the role of electrical engineer, Huang has faced some difficult problems when conducting power system studies and has solved them. He shares that experience in the classroom when he teaches courses at the Siemens Power Technology Institute on PSS®E Load Flow and Dynamics.

“People can learn knowledge through books and papers, but they only learn experience through courses,” Huang said.

Huang joined Siemens PTI as a consultant in 2001 and has been a project manager and/or technical contributor for numerous analytical consulting studies in the areas of power transfer capability, new generator interconnection evaluation studies, machine parameter derivation, voltage stability and reactive power requirements, system reliability analysis, and wind farm model development.

His next course will be Oct. 8-Oct. 12: PSS®E – Power Flow and Steady State Analysis. The course provides the fundamental PSS®E software training to help novice users navigate the interface and gain hands-on experience. More than an application course, participants [n1] will be introduced to the most program functions in sufficient detail to begin study work relevant to power flow and fault analysis. Upon completion of this course, students will understand PSS®E functions and their uses and have the ability to perform various power flow analyses. Topics include power flow modeling data, one-line diagrams, power flow solutions and reports, program automation, response files, IPLAN and Python, contingency and transfer limit analysis and more.

“In the classroom, I teach students how to perform power system studies, which are fundamental in understanding the reliability of the power systems. There is no need to only emphasize the importance of power system reliability. People in the power industry need to make sure that the power systems are able to provide inexpensive and reliable electricity to customers, today and in the far future,” Huang said. “Students will study not only the old technologies, but also the new ones, such as renewable generation, in our courses. It is a big help for future career development.”

Huang encourages students to ask questions and make requests. His teaching philosophy is to teach what the students want. Therefore, he often adds new topics that have been requested by students.

In addition, he uses the software to perform power system studies on a daily basis, giving him plenty of knowledge and experience to help in teaching the courses related to the software and power system studies.

As a consultant, Huang enjoys the opportunities to work in different parts of the United States and the world. “I learn new things through my work every day, and, I get to meet different people and visit different places,” he said.

Besides traveling, he enjoys reading, from technical papers to novels.

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